Robinson McClellan ~ composer


NOORUN (arr.) (2008)

SAB Choir and drone (opt. accompaniment with your choice of instruments)

13th-century Armenian piece, 'Sirt im sasani', by Arakel Syunetsi arr. Robinson McClellan; based on an arrangement by Komitas Vardapet

Duration 2:00

Text: 11th-century poem in Arabic by Abu Hamed Mohammad ibn Mohammad al-Ghazzali (Sufi poet and philosopher)

Written for and premiered at ActorCor's first performances, May 2008

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TEXT (translated):

O God, grant me
light in my heart, and light in my tomb
light in my hearing, and light in my seeing
light in my hair and light in my skin
light in my flesh and light in my blood

O God, increase my light and give me
the greatest light of all
Of Thy mercy grant me light,
O Thou merciful.




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