Robinson McClellan ~ composer



SAB Choir (a cappella)
Duration 7:00
Text: Koran, Romans: 20, 24, 25; Isaac Watts
(moderately difficult)

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Written for a reading session the Princeton Singers and Steven Sametz. First performance by ActorCor, Darren Lougee, director.

Hear the 2009 performance by the Chicago Choral Artists with Donald Nally conducting:

Or Listen here.

Koran / Qur'an, Romans: 20, 24, 25
(words by Isaac Watts are in italics)

And among the signs of God is creating you all from dust; and there you are, humankind, propagating widely.

And among the signs of God is showing you lightning, occasion for fear and for hope; and God sends water down from the sky, enlivening the earth after it has died.

Surely in that is a sign
The sure provision of my God attend me all my days
Oh may my house be Thine abode and all my work be praise
There would I find a settled rest while others go and come
No more a stranger or a guest but like a child at home
for an intelligent people.

And among the signs of God is that sky and earth stand by divine decree. Then when God calls you with a call from earth, you will all come forth.

Translated by Thomas Cleary
Text used by permission of HarperCollins Publishers, Inc.




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